Corporation china and yingke law firm merged together to become china’s largest and most influential overseas investment service company.

December 12 was the opening ceremony of Yingke Vensco in the prestigious Yingke’s tower in Shanghai.








About Yingke Vensco

YINGKE VENSCO is set to be China’s top foreign investment service company based on its high-quality resources and with a firm platform of Yingke Law Firm. YINGKE VENSCO provides customers with a global, comprehensive and professional investment consultancy and services in foreign investment, Overseas investment, overseas property, human resources and other overseas investment projects.

YINGKE VENSCO’S headquarters are in Shanghai with branches in more than 40 cities across China including Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Chongqing, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Quanzhou, Yiwu. Moreover, Yingke Global has more than 30 overseas branches in Hongkong, America, Britain, Dubai, Singapore, South Africa, Portugal, Switzerland, Malaysia and Philippines. YINGKE VENSCO is committed to building China’s largest and most influential Overseas Investment Service Company.








About Corporation China

Corporation China is voted a the best Company Formation Firm in China, and is also the  Largest with over 12 years of experience and 25 locations in China  and a Global network of over 40 offices.

With 28 offices and more than 3500 attorneys in China Corporation China part of Yingke Global is the largest Asian-Pacific Consulting Firm. Having another 16 offices worldwide our network extends to virtually every continent and major market to serve our clients’ cross-border needs. Corporation China has enabled many international companies to develop strategies, setup business, and successfully penetrate the Chinese market.








About Yingke Law Firm

Yingke is a full-service, international law firm, with its headquarters located in Beijing. Founded in 2001, Yingke Law Firm has already established a reputation in the Chinese legal services market. With more than 2000 lawyers, we are now one of the largest law firms in Asia and our aim is to forge a leading Chinese firm on a global scale, echoing China’s economic reform and social development.

Over the last 3 years, Yingke has developed its international office network at an unprecedented rate for a law firm and is now represented on 4 continents and in 10 major commercial regions around the world. These include New York, Sao Paulo, Mexico City, London, Warsaw, Istanbul, Budapest, Verona, Seoul and Taiwan.

We wish the best to Yingke Vensco !








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