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Company Registration Services

Registering and establishing a company in China is an arduous, complex and time-consuming process. As the largest company formation firm in China, YINGKE VENSCO has the resources and expertise to assist you in evaluating and implementing the most appropriate company investment structure. Deciding on the most appropriate company structure will depend on a range of factors, such as industry type, size of investment, and planned activities.

There are a range of different company structures, but broadly speaking, they fall under the following categories:

  • Wholly-Owned Foreign Enterprise
  • Joint-Venture
  • Representative Office
  • Foreign Invested PartnershipEnterprise


As well as providing reliable and authoritative advice on the company structure that best suits your company’s needs, YINGKE VENSCO can save your company time and money by preparing all the relevant documentation required to gain necessary government approvals for company establishment. If required, YINGKE VENSCO can also help you:

  • Find and select the right location for your business
  • Locate and assess suitable business partners
  • Conduct due diligence on business partners and/or business opportunities

Once your business is established, YINGKE VENSCO can, on your behalf, handle many of the necessary ongoing administrative and regulatory requirements, allowing you to focus on your firm’s core operations. YINGKE VENSCO can:

  • Provide legal, human resources and accounting & tax services (see following sections)
  • Assist in managing your business relationships with local government and private enterprises
  • Help you communicate with local management to ensure there are no misunderstandings due to the language barrier and cross-cultural differences



Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE) Registration in China

China Company Registration

Registration of a China Consulting Company is simple, the limited-liability type company is called a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise, abbreviated WFOE or WOFE.

It is a commonly used investment vehicle for mainland China-based businesses.

So what defines a WFOE? The unique feature of a WFOE is that the entity is 100% owned and capitalized by foreign investors and operating without a local (Chinese) partner. This maintains greater control over your businesses operations, targets and profits of the company, allowing the mother company to concentrate on its own operations.  WFOE is the favorable option for an overseas company that wants to permanently incorporate into mainland Chin

Our China TOTAL SUPPORT™ Company Management Solution totally manages your China Company


Corporation China we help run your company, take charge of all you accounting needs , tax filling and do all the correspondence with the government and relevant bureaus regarding your company

Corporation China will assign a TOTAL SUPPORT™ Account Manager to your Company as a single point of contact , thus enabling you to build a good relationship and help us understand your business


Our certified accountants handle all of your accounts and government taxes.

Update company books

Prepare monthly financial statements for tax filing

File monthly Business Tax Return and Individual Income Tax Return

File Corporate Income Tax Return quarterly

Audit of Financial Statements


Shanghai Free-Trade Zone


Shanghai Free-Trade Zone is the first Hong Kong-like free trade area in mainland China. It is now possible for foreign entities to open a Limited Company in Shanghai’s Free Trade Zone with NO real capital requirements.

This enables Foreign companies to enter the Chinese market quickly and with minimal risk