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Headhunting & Recruiting

In order to help firms create value and save costs, we provide extensive human resource management and outsourcing services, such as personnel recruitment, training and development, employee management, performance evaluation, salary and benefits, compensation and social security management etc. Additionally, we have established a nationwide professional labour law attorney services platform to address a variety of potential human risks.

  • Personnel Administration Outsourcing: YINGKE VENSCO, through many years of experience in HR management outsourcing, provides firms with such services as employee recruitment, job management, compensation and benefits, employee insurance, labour relations management, among our many services, with the purpose of improving the efficiency of HR management and reducing the management costs of under-performing employees. We also provide to firms HR administration and management support regarding their production and operation activities.
  • Talent Dispatch: YINGKE VENSCO, through our recruitment expertise and human resource contacts across a range of industries, and our access to high-quality and professional staff, organizes on behalf of your firm personnel to fill necessary positions, as well as manage the labour relations of staff and workers currently employed at your firm. We provide day-to-day HR administration advice, in accordance with your firms requirements.

Project Outsourcing: recruitment of professional staff, establishment of special project outsourcing services team, carrying out of contracting for projects. For example, the outsourcing of part time jobs for supermarkets, market research companies, commercial organizations and other projects, so your company can complete periodic tasks on time and achieve its targets.

  • The labor market in China is complex and it is increasingly difficult to recruit quality staff. Yingke Vensco, through its Chinese experience and professional network, is the ideal partner in your recruitment efforts.

    With our Headhunting service we will find the profiles that best match your needs.

    It is divided into three phases:

    1. Preliminary Phase

    First of all, the job and its functions have to be clearly defined, but also the ideal candidate requirement (Age, skill, education, experience, etc …). The employer must then determine how to recruit and prepare the future hiring.

    1. Research Phase

    Our company has among its employees a Human Resources Director, showing more than 17 years of experience in Headhunting. Yingke Vensco also has a database of more than 300 professionals and the best young Chinese graduates to select the best candidates.

    1. Recruiting Phase

    Following the pre-selection phase, one or more interviews with the candidates are conducted and a debriefing in order to make the last decision and choices.

    This way, you keep the final decision on the possible recruitment of your prospective employee to ensure satisfaction and optimum performance.

Job interview is the most important step in understanding the profile of a candidate. However, many headhunters do not follow the traditional but formal way of screening. In real practice, face to face still proves to be the key to the quality of a hunter.

The service is paid for by the client company or organization, not by the hired job candidate. Potential job candidates are identified, qualified and presented to the client by the executive search firm based upon fit with a written or verbal Job Specification developed in conjunction with the client. Assessing degree of potential fit of the candidate with the job specification is a key activity for the search firm, since the most common reason a search consultant is engaged by a client company is to save time and effort involved with identifying, qualifying and reviewing potential candidates for specific leadership positions.

It is common for a potential candidate to be identified by the search firm via a telephone call. Often the phone call is the result of a recommendation from someone inside the existing network of the search firm. Quality oriented search firms work hard at cultivating and continually updating their network of contacts so that when a search assignment is awarded they will be ready to start recruiting potential candidates. Another way to identify potential candidates involves search firm “research”, which is contacting targeted people in specific companies who appear to fit the job profile in some logical manner. Some of the best candidate referrals come from people who could be candidates for the job themselves but for any number of reasons are not interested at that particular time.