Mergers & Acquisition

YINGKE VENSCO has a profusion of both local and international experience in executing cross-border Mergers & Acquisition (M&A) deals, joint-ventures and divestitures.

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Mergers & Acquisition

YINGKE VENSCO has a profusion of both local and international experience in executing cross-border China Mergers & Acquisition (M&A) deals, joint-ventures and divestitures. Our in-depth knowledge and expertise in advising clients during the M&A process, together with our ability to conceive innovative solutions, ensures that each stage delivers maximum-value outcomes, and is successful and in line with our clients’ corporate strategy.

In China the success of an M&A deal rests on more than simply satisfying regulatory requirements. For a deal to be completed successfully, it is also important to understand the local political, economical, social and cultural environment, as well as both parties underlying business goals. YINGKE VENSCO can help you in this endeavor.

YINGKE VENSCO has the knowledge and experience to advise clients among each stage of the M&A process. With expertise of over 10 years we can add considerable value to your business and make sure that each stage of the transaction process is successful and in line with the corporate strategy. We help clients develop appropriate growth strategies based on their goals and recommend solutions to achieve their unique growth objectives.

Yingke Vensco clients have recently sold to strategic buyers in their industry, financial buyers (such as private equity firms), and buyers outside their industry seeking an entry platform. While strategic buyers often place the highest value on your company, a private equity can be considered a strategic buyer as well, if they have a related company in their existing portfolio. We are able to find the greatest number of strategic and financial buyers who will pay more due to our research, identification, and blind contact all industry buyers (locally and globally), including directly related industries and closely related industries.

Once we identify and discreetly contact the right set of strategic and private equity buyers, Yingke Vensco stays committed and works until our client receives the best fit and the best price for his company.

No other M&A firm creates demand for your company the way we do. Corporation China markets your company directly to a broad range of targeted buyers, always maintaining total confidentiality and controlling all access to your information.

Here are the 4 essential keys to getting a deal done:

  • Right Timing If you see your business trending up over the next 6-24 months, it’s the right time to sell. When the outlook is positive, it’s the right time to sell. Buyers will focus on the future return your company will provide.
  • A Motivated Seller Deals get done when the seller is committed to the process and to the goal of finding and closing a transaction with the best buyer. Seller dedication and enthusiasm are critical.
  • Multi–Channel Marketing Global reach in a variety of channels ensures your company receives the attention it deserves. The 2–minute video we create of your company showcases its unique advantages to buyers in North America, Latin America, Europe, or Asia. To receive the video and information memorandum, interested buyers must be vetted by Corporation China and then sign and submit and confidentiality agreement.
  • A Controlled, Confidential and Competitive Bidding Process Drives Up Price When buyers compete, you win!

Corporation China is driven to getting you the best deal the market has to offer. We deliver a range of attractive deal options to our clients.

If your company is $1 million + in revenue, we believe global expansion is a key strategy for ambitious companies around the world driven by opportunities that are critical to the future success of their business.

Our global team of seasoned professionals helps organizations in all industries evaluate the strategic rationale and potential candidates for a Joint Venture or acquisition, assess the potential costs and risks, and consult on local customs and integration issues.

Corporation China masters the systematic process of developing a strong, proactive plan to identify, contact, and ultimately convince potential partners of the benefits of working with your company.

Our local presence in multiple countries and regions gives us specific knowledge and insights that can make a crucial difference in addressing different corporate cultures and operating styles. And with our “straight talk” approach, we nurture and manage the degree of trust and mutual understanding between the participants.