Payroll & HR Services

7 Payroll & HR Services

Payroll & HR Services

YINGKE VENSCO has a wealth of experience in providing human resources & payroll services to foreign firms operating in China. Outsourcing this responsibility to YINGKE VENSCO can save your company time and money and ensured compliance with all laws and regulations. Moreover, by outsourcing the management and administration of your company’s payroll processing system, our HR experts can ensure your company achieves improved accuracy, efficiency and reliability, and maintains employee salary confidentiality.

Our services include:

  • Employee Recruitment & Headhunting
  • Labor Contract Preparation
  • Visa Services for Foreign Staff
  • Payroll Management & Administration
  • Social Insurance Registration
  • Handling of Labor Disputes
  • Staff Performance Assessment & Management
  • Personnel Knowledge, Skills & Qualification Training

Payroll Service Details

1. Initial payroll setting up, which includes:

1.1. Employer registration with statutory social benefits
1.2. Applying for employee’s labour manual from relevant authorities (if applicable)
1.3. Update your China entity staff’s personal details
1.4. Coordinate with bank of your China entity on proper payroll procedures (if applicable)
1.5. Assistant in opening personal bank account for each employee

2. Salary calculation and net salary payment arrangement

3. Preparation of your staff’s pay slips

4. Payroll report for your local accountant

5. Assistant with external audits and inspection by social benefit authorities

6. Review of payroll process, including payroll process efficiency review, tax and labour law compliance review and assistance in payroll system set up.

7. Assistance in payroll system set up.

8. Preparation and filing of employees’ PRC individual income tax returns and assistance in settling any related tax liability

Special projects

  • Payroll compliance review, including payroll calculation, IIT compliance and efficiency, compliance status of social welfare contribution, etc.;
  • Payroll/HR secondment services;
  • Payroll structuring and arrival meeting services;
  • Advice on payroll and secondment arrangement for expatriates; and employee leave management.