Business Visa Services

Compliance with a countries immigration laws and regulations is critical, and your firms short-term travelling representatives not doing so poses a significant risk for being permitted to continue business operations in the relevant country. Yingke Vensco’s business visa services experts can assist you in ensuring that your business and employees are, and continue to remain, lawful and compliant. Not only can we ascertain if and when a business visa is required, as well as prepare and handle the necessary application process, but we can also deliver a first-class integrated business traveler program customized to your needs.




Consular Services

Yingke Vensco understands that submitting applications and satisfying sufficiently immigration requirements at local diplomatic embassies/consulates can be a confusing, unsettling and time-consuming process. With the knowledge and expertise to assist you in your consular processing requirements in more than 120 countries around the world, we can alleviate the burden of such complex and arduous procedures that are typically experienced at the immigration office of embassies, consulates and high commissions.






Government Strategies

As well as advocates directly on behalf of our clients’ representatives. As such, we have the ability to assist your company in realizing its business goals in remote and difficult-to-access locations as well as under delicate and sensitive circumstances.






Work Permit & Work Authorization Services


The procedures and processes involved in obtaining work authorization and work permits are complicated, onerous and time-consuming. Yingke Vensco can provide your firm with extensive and sophisticated support, customized according to your needs. Through our personalized approach, together with our extensive experience and our meticulous attention to detail, we assist our clients to secure work permits and authorization in more than 120 countries around the world.




Employment Verification Services


Complying with employment verification requirements is a critical necessity in managing operational risk. Accidental errors and oversights or improper record retention procedures is risky, and can give rise potentially significant consequences. Yingke Vensco has been providing customized employment verification solutions, including but not limited to, audits, guidance and training, and advanced technology tools, and as such our knowledge and expertise can help you reduce liability while increasing efficiency.